Inspiration and Links

Fantastic pirate band from the northern city of Umeå in Sweden.
A website about Carl Michael Bellman and his works.
Great inspiration for music.
A website with tons of facts and a nigh complete list of all pirate movies.
Another website of pirate-related content.
Good website about costumes.
Lots of pictures of, among other things, barock fashion.
Swedish webshop.
American webshop.
Swedens biggest 1700's-society.
Has lots of links and articles.


Some movies and TV Shows for inspiration and entertainment.
For a great list of pirate films, check out one of the links above.

Black Sails (Series)
Hornblower (Series)
Sharp (Series)
Tom Jones (Mini series)
The Devil's Mistress (Mini series)
Master and commander
The Bounty
Cutthroat island
Pirates (Roman Polanskis)
Pirates of the Caribbean  1-4
Blackbeard: Terror at Sea
Moll Flanders
Brotherhood of the wolf
Rob Roy
The libertine
Captain Alatriste
Scarlet pimpernel
The Patriot
The Duellists
The Man in the Iron Mask
Pirate´s creek


Pirater (Marcus Rediker) [SWE]
Ofredsår (Peter Englund) [SWE]
Den oövervinerlige (Peter Englund) [SWE]
Karolinersviten (Lars Widding) [SWE]
Lasse i gatan (Lars Ericson Wolke) [SWE]
Skeppsboken (Björn Ahlander & Jens Langert) [SWE]
Nu Seglar Vasa (Sven Nordqvist & Mats Wahl) [SWE]