The Crew

Lisa "Kapten" Enochson

Vocals and cajon

Margareta... mer man än många män"A new man was chosen to lead our ragged crew, but this man is a woman, I'm telling you it's true."
Said during her first day as captain of Stormfrun, while simultaniously removing her fake beard.






Ragnar "Ruben" Söderman

Vocals and Bouzoki

"Pirate you say, but it's the free peoples way"
Screamed during a hearing concerning his illegal download of the entire sex and the city series.







Erik "Edin" Andersson

Vocals and guitar

"It's living you see, not just being alive"
Tweeted while bungy jumping naked from his roof with a garden hose for a cable.






Thobias "Thobax" Bjerlo

Vocals, bass and guitar

"None of us will go to heaven, straight to hell we dive!"
Sobbed uncontrollably when remorse struck after helping Ragnar download sex and the city.






Magnus "ManGuns" Ryden

Violin and hurdy gurdy

"And if that is not enough, Manguns will show his stuff"
Said to a booker when discussing how much we would have to preform during a festival gig.







Rebecka "Rebetäcka" Hjukström

Vocals and banjo

"Horay horay, yoho yoho, we'll fuck you in the water!"
Shouted just before being expelled from her first and last water polo tournament







Sophia "Soja" Hogman Myrbacka

Vocals, (nyckelharpa and mandolin)

"I feel sick.. but I don't think I want it to stop"
Alledgedly said during a blind date with famous swedish singer Thomas DiLeva







Fredik "Dreadfull Fred" Sjölund

Vocals and accordion

"Bring a tankard full of grog and join our merry mob!"
Said to a bouncer that tried to kick us out of a club. It worked.








Sofie "Poofie" Hultenius Young

Vocals and percussion

"Fuck you, fuuuuuck you, fuckelifuckelifuck you!"
Said allmost every day to pretty much everyone.






Love "Gasten" Fagerstedt

Vocals, bass and several other strange instruments







Robin "Malte" Räv

Vocals and accordion







Simon Fagerstedt








Anton "Kaspar" Pettersson


"Dricka brännvin, dricka brännvin, dricka brännvin, dricka rom!" (Drink hard liqour x3, drink rum!). Said with a stern face when asked what was up for the weekend.






Emil "Fingal" Pettersson


"I dessa svåra tider behöver man en sup.." (In such hard times, one needs a drink..)
Mubled after waking up hung over from saying the same thing the day before, and the day before that.